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What is this space? For whom? Why?

This wiki is a workspace for all people interested in communication ['Comms'] and knowledge management [KM] (primarily in CGIAR but it's open to anyone else), whether as specialists or not (researchers working on/using KM & Comms/KMC). It is not intended to duplicate resources existing otherwise but to document important discussions and link to relevant resources as a KMC community of interest and practice space. Over time, the group of people involved in this work have developed a 'Comms' framework as well as a series of briefs related to 7 critical areas of work.

Where is this coming from?

Three workshops involving a group of KMC specialists took place in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Read more about these three workshops below. In addition to this, an important meeting took place with a small group in Rome in September 2015. During that Rome meeting, a 'comms' framework was developed that would be used to influence the drafting of phase 2 proposals for CGIAR research programs. This space keeps track of all of these events and outputs.

Where to find all the information relevant for the KMC 'Comms' community of CGIAR?

  • KMC framework: [[1]]. Mind that the framework is also available at: [[2]]. This KMC framework contains the following areas:

Comms for scaling out improved technologies and practices Comms for policy influence Comms for greater awareness of science and its results within CRPs Comms for more effective partnerships Comms for better collaboration within and between CRPs Comms to raise the profile of major cross-cutting issues (e.g., big data, gender and youth, and capacity development) Comms for public awareness, donor relations, and fundraising

  • The KMC4CRP briefs developed at the third KMC4CRP workshop are here - they are unfinished and available from the KMC4CRP3 page too:

Managing research for results: getting to outcomes with KMC Supporting CRP partnerships for impact Enhancing science discovery and delivery by Opening Access to CRP results and data Promoting public awareness of the CRP / identity and branding Organizing the delivery of C and KM Why gender & diversity matter Facilitating CRP process engagement and events

  • Documentation of the three KMC4CRP workshops: on this wiki, see below and on the navigation menu on the left. What you will find there:

All sessions, agendas, results of the sessions... A series of themes that were elaborated on, A list of resources that matter for all CGIAR comms specialists A 'who is who' explaining what everyone is (was) considering themselves good at in the 2nd KMC4CRP workshop

  • Documentation of the Rome workshop (September 2015): [[3]]. This does not include the documentation of the process we followed but rather the initial results that later led to developing the KMC framework.
  • Website to use for the consultation about the KMC framework and briefs: [[4]]. This site currently contains the framework, the briefs and some limited additional information.

A small group has ongoing conversations about all this KMC/Comms work. If you want to join these please contact Ewen Le Borgne (e.leborgne[at]cgiar.org)

The original 'KMC4CRP workshops' (October 2012, December 2013, May 2015)

From 17-20 October 2012, the CGIAR research programs 'Water Land and Ecosystems' and 'Livestock and Fish' hosted a joint workshop on 'Organizing, Managing, Communicating and Leveraging Information and Knowledge to Support and Deliver CRP Results: A hands-on Workshop on Approaches, Tools, Systems and Services'. The workshop brought together about 50 members from these two CRPs as well as other CGIAR (and non CGIAR staff from other centres and partner organisations. See more about the first kmc4CRP event. In the course of 2013 the idea of holding a sequel workshop aligned more closely on the intermediate development outcomes (IDOs) and also supported by the CGIAR research program on climate change agriculture and food security (CCAFS) germinated. This second workshop took place from 4 to 6 December 2013 and at the end of it, the participants decided to use this wiki to continue the conversations and documentation beyond the workshops. To share ideas and converse more freely, this wiki goes hand in hand with the Yammer 'Communications group' (restricted to CGIAR staff). See more about the second kmc4CRP event. No such workshop happened the next year, but all previously attending organizers and many participants felt the need of organizing another workshop. This came at a moment when the Strategy and Results framework was being finalized and the CRP phase 2 was just about to start getting designed. These factors contributed to creating the need for a third event, in May 2015, that would focus on capitalizing on all the good CKM work and at the same time, influence the second phase of CRPs to include CKM work with much more purpose, alignment and based on the good work from the first phase. See more about the third kmc4CRP event. Find all information related to these workshops:

Access and editing rights for this wiki

All pages on this wiki are entirely open to anyone. If you want to edit any page from this wiki, create an account and request access to this wiki with Ewen Le Borgne [e.leborgne at cgiar.org] or Tsehay Gashaw [t.gashaw at cgiar.org].