Who is who good at what

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These are the 'kmc4CRP' yellow pages, where you can identify who is an expert in what tool/approach/field of knowledge management / communication. Under the tool/approach columns, the name is followed by * if they are considered/consider themselves as resource persons. If there is no asterisk it just means they have a profile for that tool/approach.

Person Blogging Twitter Facebook Other
Abby Waldorf WLE blog * wle_cgiar
Camilla Zanzanaini Video design/editing *
Cecilia Schubert cgiarclimate Facebook.com/cgiarclimate] * Live streaming *
Chris Addison chrisaddison Facebook.com/CTApage] *
Ewen Le Borgne [[1]] * ewenlb * Yammer *, KM and learning *
Faith Wambua-Luedeling fae_re
Ilse Pukinskis ilse0717
Indira Yerramareddy IFPRI-KM Mendeley: Academic Social Network
Hermella Ayalew (KM4Dev) Hermella
Holly Holmes hollholmes
Jeremy Cherfas [[2]] * nivavilov Tumblr: loafman
Liya Dejene ldejene
Martina Mascarenhas lescarpe85
Michael Victor khaosanlao Yammer *
Neil Palmer Pictures *
Orku Production (Audio / video / print)
Tezira Lore tezira
Thomas Zschoke Radio listening groups *
Tsehay Gashaw tsehay * Yammer *
Vanessa Meadu meaduva *
Thor Windham-Wright Thorww
Bernhard Hack [[3]] benhack #socialcollab
Véronique Durroux cipotato
Facebook.com/International Potato
Facebook.com/Roots, Tubers and
Ewa Hermanowicz miscelanousmind audio, video, KM and learning
Simone Staiger http://ciatblogs.cgiar.org/knowledgemanagement/ simonestaiger KM, KS, in institutions, orgs and in research