Theme KSandLearning

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In the workshop, this theme consisted of the following sessions:

BB Participatory social media BB Producing learning resources, training materials BB assessing communication, information and knowledge work: approaches, metrics and indicators BB Curating data

This theme looks into the following areas:

  • Information and data management

Data management and curation Information management

  • Personal knowledge management

Personal effectiveness Use of social media for personal data, information and knowledge management

  • Organizational knowledge management

Institutional memory Innovation in and outside the organization

  • Knowledge sharing

Online, using e.g. social media Offline in personal interactions and at meetings and events that are properly organized and facilitated

  • Social learning

Collective, transformational learning through e.g. * Action research * Multi-stakeholder process interventions * ... Innovation (see organizational KM)

  • Monitoring of communication and knowledge work

Social media monitoring Monitoring of knowledge work (creation, sharing, use, evaluation of knowledge, behaviour changes as a result etc.) Link with impact assessment